Amada Mia
Attn: Dressage Riders - Extravegent Filly! Beauty, Brains & Mega Motion!
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Blooming Grove
TX, 76626


Level of Training
(1 = Prospect / 5=Highly Trained)
Competition Experience
Dressage - Upper Levels
Level of Training (1)
Competition Experience (N/A)


Primary Breed (Friesian)
Secondary Breed (Andalusian)





(1 = Bombproof / 5=Very Spirited)

Trailriding Attitude
(1 = Bombproof / 5=Very Spirited)
(6=Not Started)

Buyer Level of Riding
(1 = Beginner / 5=Advanced)
5, 4, 3

Buyer Temperament
(1 = Timid / 5=Confident)
5, 4, 3

Sales Description:
Incredible Performance / Dressage prospect, PLUS Liberty, Trail and Obstacle 'Baby Genius', are proud to announce the availability of 2019 Warlander (Friesian x Andalusian) filly, Amada Mia (aka Cocoa).

As a yearling, Cocoa is already a liberty guru and is more connected to you than your own shadow! Through this natural born desire to have a deep human connection, she already has solid foundation of side passing towards and away from handler, pivoting, Spanish walk and a few other amazing talents. What's incredible, is she just picks these movements up 'mirroring' the handler, all at liberty. She is totally and completely JOYOUS learning movements and figuring things out. Trust me, there is no 'work', 'schooling' or impact (also no trotting or cantering exercises!) - it's just her being a total sponge, soaking up as much as she can possibly get. What an amazing mindset that will surely extend itself into unbeatable work ethic once under saddle

Cocoa is pony’d on trail rides about once a week and crosses everything we put in front of her… bridges, water, logs, teeter totter, giant sized horse steps, kiddy pool, tarps, platforms… anything! She’s used to cows and dogs and seems unfazed when confronted with killer bunnies on the trail! When not pony’d, we go for lots of SOLO hand walks and she’s perfectly content with no other horses. ZERO barn or buddy sour behavior… not even a whinny!

Around the barn, she’s a gem. Clip anywhere (ears included) without issue. Stands tied quietly. Great for farrier. She’s even learning to pick up her feet with a ‘snap-cue’! She looooves to be groomed and is great with spray bottles, water hose and even the leaf blower… ha! She self-loads in the trailer, no halter required! Also, no ‘catching’ required! She catches you! This girl will come charging up from the backfield on a whistle… she simply doesn’t want to miss a single moment with you.

Cocoa is microchipped and she is registered with IALHA. She is also eligible with FHH and all paperwork is in hand for that. Cocoa is UTD on shots, vaccinations, deworming and farrier work. She is healthy and sound.

To put it simply, Cocoa is up and ready for anything. She loves life and loves to spend time with people. She is truly a bright spot in your day and she is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! Her future is filled with unlimited performance and trail horse possibilities! She is the PERFECT choice for someone seeking a young horse to bond with and build an unimaginable relationship with!

Ground Manners: (1 = Not Well / 5 = Very Well)
Loads & Travels = 5  Stands for Farrier = 5  Stands for Clipping = 5  Grooming = 5
Breed Registry: IALHA H010574
Breed Registry2: FHH Eligible
Eden T.W.R     
Canela DLT     
Seller Contact Information:
Glee Hastings
Equine Proper Beginnings
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