Truly Stellar
Sporty, athletic prospect; ready for next partner!
Seller Response
Fort Worth
TX, 76078


Level of Training
(1 = Prospect / 5=Highly Trained)
Competition Experience
Dressage - Lower Levels
Level of Training (2)
Competition Experience (N/A)

Dressage - Upper Levels
Level of Training (1)
Competition Experience (N/A)

Jumper 0.85m/2'9 - 1.10m/3'7
Level of Training (1)
Competition Experience (N/A)

Hunter 2'3 - 2'9
Level of Training (1)
Competition Experience (N/A)


Primary Breed (Friesian)





(1 = Bombproof / 5=Very Spirited)

Trailriding Attitude
(1 = Bombproof / 5=Very Spirited)
(6=Not Started)

Buyer Level of Riding
(1 = Beginner / 5=Advanced)
4, 5

Buyer Temperament
(1 = Timid / 5=Confident)
4, 5

Sales Description:
“Stella” is as cute as they come! Sporty, comfortable, in your pocket, and very smart. I purchased “Stella” in January 2023 as a resale project to put show miles on and resell, but due to false advertisement, she was much more of a restart. I no longer have the availability or time to dedicate to her to continue the education she deserves.
The more she works, and the more consistently she is worked with, the better she gets and the more confidence she gains. A confident and patient person will be the best fit for her.
“Stella” is just now solid and consistent W/T/C in the round pen and will be now starting arena work. She was very reactive to everything and had no trust for people, but is now in your pocket, sweet, and affectionate to be around. She now knows how to stand at the mounting block, and has started liberty work as well. I took her to work with Mark Hausman in February and she picked up on the work very quick and willingly, and could make a very fun trick/liberty horse. She is light on her feet, is very balanced and easy to sit, yet still having expressive gaits, and has an active hind leg, making her an excellent dressage candidate. I think she could also make a super sporty and fun jumper as she can have some speed if you want! This mare needs someone with a long term time investment/wanting a long term horse; however, I understand this is every seller's ideal wish, so I do understand those who would be interested in her as a project to bring along. She was a complete restart in my opinion, and has been restarted very slowly and with no pressure.
Barefoot, sound, no vices, no maintenance. I did not vet her, and she has given me no reason to seek out veterinary care. PPE welcome at buyer’s expense. She had her teeth done in February (likely for the first time as she still had wolf teeth) and got a good report. UTD on everything.
I am looking to at least make back some of my expenses, but also need her moved as soon as possible. She is a quality mare and will make someone a super partner. If you’ve made it this far and still seriously interested, I am happy to chat more and send riding video.
Ground Manners: (1 = Not Well / 5 = Very Well)
Loads & Travels = 5  Stands for Farrier = 5  Stands for Clipping = 2  Grooming = 4
Breed Registry: Friesian Sporthorse Association 20177219
Andric de Careve  Teade 392  Anton 343 
Irma Van 'T Zuid 
Layla SDP  Frans 289 
Namkje Fan 'T Boekehof 
Seller Contact Information:
Lindsey Parker
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