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Trainers - Promote Your Business Online!
How Trainers Are Using MatchnRide.com to Promote Their Business Online.

Did you know that internet marketing is currently one of the most cost-effective methods for marketing your business? A well designed website structured to take advantage of search engines, (like Google), is one of the best ways for potential customers to find you. The question is...is your website search engine friendly? Does it provide compelling content that can easily be added or changed? Can you change your information without needing to wait for or pay a programmer to do it for you? If you answered “no”, keep reading - MatchnRide may have the solution you’ve been looking for.

At MatchnRide we have provided a simple solution to the challenges of quickly providing current information about your business on the internet and an easy way to integrate social media into your marketing efforts.

Social Media has fast become an important part of successful marketing efforts. Facebook in particular can be a quick, low cost way to reach people interested in your horses for sale and in the services you offer. However, Facebook can be time consuming when preparing information to post, and for many, seem too complicated.

So How Does MatchnRide Help Trainers Market Their Businesses on Facebook?

The Trainers’ Corner!

Professionals who have listed their business on MatchnRide’s Trainers’ Corner are finding it extremely easy to get the word out on Facebook about their services as well as horses they have for sale or lease. All the information they need to promote their business is in one central location that is not only easy to share but is programmed to be search engine friendly as well.

A Trainers’ Corner listing is a trainer’s business page on MatchnRide.com. A MatchnRide trainer’s page lists the services you offer, provides information about you as a trainer, displays photos, and highlights horses you have available for sale or lease. Your page includes your location with driving directions to make it easy for people to find you. And you yourself can change your page easily any time.

Sharing Your MatchnRide Trainer’s Page on Facebook is Easy!

You can choose to share your trainer’s page on your or a friend’s Facebook timeline, on your Facebook page, as well as in a Facebook group. You can also share your MatchnRide trainer’s page with other professionals and potential clients via private messaging.

To share your trainer’s page on Facebook, simply go to the MatchnRide Trainers’ Corner and search for your trainer’s page. Click on the “Share on Facebook” link at the top of your page. Enter your message, select where you would like to share, chose a thumbnail photo, and click “share” - your information will be posted on Facebook.

And, since any horses you have listed for sale or lease on MatchnRide automatically display at the bottom of your trainer’s page you also can choose to share those on Facebook as well. Scroll down your trainer’s page and select the horse you want to share and click the “Share on Facebook” link at the top of that horse’s ad page. Choose where you want to share, enter your message, click “share” and you’re done!

So if you’d like to use the internet more for your business marketing, and don’t have time to live on your computer, sign-up for a MatchnRide Trainers’ Corner Ad Page and find out how easy it can be to promote your business online.

If you would like assistance in placing your Trainers’ Corner Ad Page or if you have any questions contact mary@matchnride.com.

To Place a Trainers' Corner Ad Page Click Here.

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