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Fraud/Scam Alert

Although the internet can provide substantial benefits when buying, selling or leasing horses, it also has the potential for fraud and deception. While on-line always be cautious and keep in mind that scam artists frequent the internet and that they enjoy nothing better than exploiting the unsuspecting buyer.

With that in mind, MatchnRide has provided below descriptions of some of the more prevalent scams in the horse industry of which you should be aware.

Please Note:

MatchnRide is not involved in any transactions that occur as the result of using this site. The seller and buyer are the only parties to the transaction. Anyone claiming that MatchnRide is a party or is an agent of either party is providing false information.

MatchnRide Recommendations

MatchnRide is not a law firm and therefore does not provide legal advice. We do, however, strongly recommend that if you find a horse you like that you not only research the horse, but the seller as well. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want and never hesitate to ask the seller for references.

Before making a commitment, we strongly advise that you see the horse in person. If the horse is of riding age we also recommend that you ride the horse after first observing the horse being ridden for your review. If you are working with a trainer, ask the trainer to accompany you to see the horse. If you aren't working with a trainer and you are an inexperienced rider, find a more experienced rider you trust to go with you.

If you decide to pursue a purchase or lease, always have a veterinarian of your choice perform a pre-purchase exam.

And never be rushed into any transaction.

Get all the details of the transaction in a written agreement. If you can't afford an attorney, there are many inexpensive contracts on-line. At the very least get the details down on paper in plain English and have the document signed and dated. If there is any hesitation or the seller refuses a written agreement, walk away.

Always remember to use common sense and to trust your judgment - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Fraud Prevention Tips

International Transactions: Be leery of any buyers and sellers outside the United States. Most scams originate overseas. Many are reported to originate in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Liberia and other West African countries, but have been known to originate from OTHER countries as well. If a problem arises from an international sale, local and U.S. law enforcement will be unable to help you.

Counterfeit Checks: Beware of cashier's checks, bank checks or money orders. Never ship or release a horse to a buyer until the check has cleared the issuing bank. Your bank may not catch a counterfeit check until it's too late. This can take up to three weeks.

Buyer Overpayment. Never accept any form of payment that exceeds the asking price. And never send money to a third party. You may receive a cashier's check, money order or bank check for more than the purchase price and then be asked to refund the money or send the money to a third party. Once you have refunded or sent the overpayment you will discover that the check you originally received is counterfeit.

Don't Be Rushed. Never allow yourself to be rushed or pushed into a transaction that you don't feel completely comfortable with. If you're unsure of a situation, it's much safer to simply walk away.

Garbled Language in Messages: Be wary if communications from the potential buyer or seller that include an excessive amount of grammatical and spelling errors. Many scam artists, especially from foreign countries, feature this common trait.

Wire Transfers: Beware of someone you don't know asking you to send money via Western Union, Money Gram or wire transfer. These methods are untraceable, and you will have no recourse should a problem occur.

Financial Information: Never give out your bank account or any other financial information.

These tips are only the most common scams. Many other internet scams exist. While on-line always be cautious and mindful that scam artists are out there trying to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

MatchnRide makes every attempt to keep its website free of scammers and fraud. Although MatchnRide is not responsible for content and statements provided by users, including assertions made by sellers and buyers utilizing the website, the integrity of our ads is important to us. Therefore, if you think that a fraudulent ad has entered the MatchnRide site, please contact us at security@MatchnRide.com. Include the ad ID # and any other information supporting this claim, and we will contact the seller and investigate. If we find the ad to be fraudulent, it will be removed.

To report fraud, contact:

Internet Crime Complaint Center

US Federal Trade Commission

Canadian Royal Police Scam Department

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