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Seller Guidelines

Place an Ad

To advertise your horse for sale or lease click the Menu icon, select Place an Ad, then Horse Listing. You will be taken to Advertising Programs where you can choose your ad type.

You will need to be a registered user to list your horse. If not already registered you will be prompted to sign-up for a free MY BARN account, a secure onsite location where registered users keep track of their MatchNRide activity.

Your MY BARN will include a folder “View My Ads.” This is where you will go to view messages (NickerMail) from interested buyers, edit/update, mark sold, delete or, if circumstances require, temporarily hide your ad.

Ad Life

Horse ads at MatchNRide never expire. Your listing will remain active until your horse is sold, leased or you remove him/her from the site.

Because we offer forever ads we ask sellers to:

Keep horse information current for site shoppers. Ads can be updated as often as you like. Plus, when you update your ad, the listing automatically returns to the top of buyer search results.
When your horse is sold/leased, mark the horse sold or delete the horse’s ad in a timely manner.

Abandoned Ads

To assure ads are current for site shoppers, listings not updated within a six-month period will be temporarily deleted from buyer search results.

To reactivate the ad: login to My Barn, go to “View My Ads”, click “View Deleted Ads,” locate the horse you would like to reactivate, click undelete.

Ad Assistance

MatchNRide understands the equestrian busy schedule. If you would like to list a horse but can’t find the time, we are available to create your ad(s), optimize your photos, and keep your horse’s information up-to-date and at the top of buyer search results.

Please know that we are here to work with you until your horse is sold. If you have questions or need assistance, contact mary@matchnride.com or visit MatchNRide’s FAQs.

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