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Advice for Adult Amateurs Searching for a New Dressage Horse

By Sue Weakley with Kathy Connelly Searching for a new dressage horse for an Adult Amateur can be exhausting, especially when your ideal horse is a 16.2 bay Wa...

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Carmen Franco Shares Tips for Bringing up Young Horses

By Sue Weakley with Carmen Franco Start at the Very BeginningCarmen Franco is a whiz at starting young horses. The Colombian trainer makes her full-time home i...

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Nobody Likes Them. Everybody Hates Them: Worms

Written by Sue Weakley for Dr. Erin Newkirk, Reid and Associates Equine Clinic The thought of worms invading their animals is unsettling to most horse owners...

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Harness Your Horse's Channel of Energy with Laser Beams

Written by Sue Weakley for Ruth Hogan-Poulsen Often a key buzzword or mental image is all it takes to remind you to sit like an Olympian. The words trigger you...

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Ten Tips for Shooting an Effective Horse Sale Video

Written by Sue Weakley Jonna J. Koellhoffer is an equine videographer with years of experience shooting video in conjunction with her partner, equine photogr...

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Janet Foy's Top Six Tips for Impressing Dressage Judges

Written by Sue Weakley When asked how competitors can earn, and hold onto, dressage points during a test, FEI 4* judge Janet Foy quipped, “Other than rid...

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Choosing a Freestyle Designer

By Terry Ciotti Gallo, Klassic Kur There have been many articles on the process of putting together a freestyle. However, restrictions sometimes prevent ri...

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Equestrians - Improve Your Riding Success in 4 Easy Steps.

By Laura King of Summit Hypnosis and Summit Performance In the words of former Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey, “Luck is the residue of design&rdquo...

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Save a Horse, Ride a Mustang

Save a Horse, Ride a MustangWritten by Sue Weakley for MatchNRide Three months ago, on a chilly morning in Tennessee, Nicola Bolt was assigned a wild America...

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How to photograph your horse

  Here are some tips from International Equestrian Photographer, Susan Stickle. 1. Chose a Sunny day. If it's possible chose a sunny day to get your pi...

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So You Want to Be a Dressage Judge

Written by Sue Weakley FEI 3* judge, trainer, clinician and competitor Bill Warren knows first-hand about the life of a dressage judge. He started the journe...

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Shannon Dueck Proves Pluck and Luck Win the Fight Against Breast Cancer

By Sue Weakley for MatchNRide.com Breast cancer survivor and Grand Prix dressage competitor Shannon Dueck believes that part of her success in beating breast...

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Design Your Freestyle Choreography

By Terry Ciotti Gallo, Klassic Kur When you are ready to design your choreography, don’t start by asking, “How can I make this the most creative fr...

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Help Your Students (And You!) Achieve Excellence

"Trainer Tips" by Laura King. Written for MatchNRide.com by Sue Weakley.   Laura King has been helping people heal their minds and bodies for 25 years....

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Kasey Perry-Glass' Tips for Finding an All-Around Horse

Written by Sue Weakley for MatchNRide International dressage competitor Kasey Perry-Glass knows a thing or two about choosing a horse. She and Trostruplund's S...

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Eight Tips for Training with Sensitivity and Sensibility with Thorsten Kramer

Written by Sue Weakley   Rider, trainer, competitor and clinician Thorsten Kramer earned his USDF Gold Medal on the Wesphalian gelding he bought for $1 an...

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The Three Keys to Horse Shopping

Jos Sevriens, a Dutch dressage trainer based out of the Stables at Blalock Lakes in Georgia, is an expert in helping people find the right horses. His top tips ...

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Tips for Scouting Out the Best Boarding for Your Horse

Diane Octaviano and her husband David own D&D Farm, a boarding facility in Wellington, Florida, and have offered year-round and seasonal boarding for 10 yea...

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Importing a Mare from Europe

By Mary Ross Recently a friend of mine, who had gone horse shopping in Europe, returned with loads of photos and videos of horses she had tried while abroad....

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The Future of Thoroughbreds

Home Front Committee discusses the future of Thoroughbreds Jennifer Bate At the Annual Show Jumping meeting held by the United States Equestrian Fe...

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“If You Play It....”

Terry Ciotti-Gallo, Klassic Kur www.KlassicKur.com The music starts and people from all corners of the show grounds gather around the source of the so...

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Are You Thinking of Buying a Horse?

Whether this will be your first horse, or you haven’t bought one in a while, here are some helpful questions to ask as well as some thoughtful suggest...

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