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Fancy PRE looking for his special someone (I1 schooling GP)

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Ad Posted September 10, 2019
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FL, 33414
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Pedigree: Koda
Bolero CXXVII     

This horse is registered.
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Sale Description: Koda
This guy is looking for his special someone.

You may want this horse. He is 16h of serious baroque talent (if you're a dressage rider) and fuzzy pony cuteness rolled into one package. (Have you seen his ears?! Super cute.) Despite his early gelding, he is the perfect Spanish gentleman-- stoic, brave, handsome and with an over-sized heart.

He is 8 and his birthday is on 7/7, if you're into that sort of thing. American living suits this guy. He's a ham to be around in the stall and loves his self-care routine more than I do!

Massage blankets, acupuncture, a little extra grooming suits him just fine. You can see Ahhhhhhh written all over his face. [None of it is required. Unless you happen to like indulging in his Ahhh face.]

Oh, and the hay and carrots. He's a bit of a mooch about them. Not in a naughty sort of way, but definitely food-focused. Definitely. No worries, tho, he doesn't care for the pelleted stuff so much.

He's quiet enough for yo' grandma, but interesting enough for you. Promise you that! Silver haired 70-something ladies ride him, but don't let him fool you-- his piaffe and passage are first-rate. I've only scratched the surface of his potential, but anything you might want is there.

As I said, you may want this horse. But then again, you may not.

He's not the noble white steed of your dreams. (He's black.)
His mane and forelock could use some beefing up, although his tail is plenty full.

He's not the horse you could show Grand Prix next weekend with. But, paired with a trainer who is worth their salt, he could take you down center line of a Grand Prix test before your new grandson is out of diapers.

He's just another guy looking for that special someone to take things to the next level with. Maybe it's you.

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Priced in the upper five figures. Please message for more information.

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Seller Contact Information:

Two Pillars Farm

Iron Spring Farm: 2013 Third Level Dressage Dutch WB Gelding, UB40 x Ferro
Coatesville, PA
International Polo Club Palm Beach
Betsy Steiner Dressage
SSG Riding Gloves
Cunningham and Cunningham
USET Foundation